Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Whatcha Doing Wednesday: Holiday Projects

What a busy week it has been. Last Thursday I launched The Traveling Teacups: A Creative Community for Military Families. It is a blog aimed towards projects that military families can do, such as PCS projects (activities during moves), organizational projects, make and take meals for socials and gatherings and more.

We also spent the week with Navy friends who came to town to visit family (which included us!) 

We also went to a tree farm and got a Christmas tree and took all the decorations out of the attic ... Um, we have a lot.

After we put the tree up, and set out other decorations, I started working on a Christmas tree skirt. As readers from last year mayrecall, our tree is (mostly) Mickey Mouse themed and Idid a lot of ornaments last Christmas. This year I decided to go a step further and make a tree skirt. This is my progress so far. (These 5 are actually sewn together now, just have 3 more panels.)


I made the circles using Quiltsmart fusible interfacing with circles. So easy!! And with small and large circles, I can get two circles from each, so a panel of fusible has 12 circles, so I actually have 24! 


I am so excited, I hope to get this done and then do the panel of gingerbread men! I have other projects on the to-do list as well, such as the Pumpkin Seed quilt.

I'll post photos when I'm finished!

Until our next cup of tea ...