Thursday, January 30, 2014

Starting Off 2014 With Organization and Goals

So I've been a little busy with some projects that I will fill you in on soon, but here is an update on where I am on half-finished projects ...
Every year, I start off by creating a list of unfinished projects and setting goals for the year. Some year I meet the goals, some years I don't, occasionally I exceed them, and that is a happy treat! 

I love organizing and reviewing where I am on many projects. This started of course, a few years after marrying my husband and learning how hectic military life can be, especially once the moves start. We were at our first duty station a little more than 4 years, so it wasn't unit that first move that I realized how chaotic things can get. Even wit the best of intentions and all the time in the world, not all of the boxes get unpacked, so get lost or damaged and others are mis-marked and put away as stored items. {sigh} Who says military life isn't an adventure.

In December 2012, the Army sent the "baby", pup and I home while my husband was sent to Korea. We knew at that point that he would be attending law school following that year overseas, so we were set on being in our own home for a while. Even now, 2 years later, we still have unpacked boxes. 

I have been working on it slowly, and have discovered a plethora of half-finished projects in boxes from one or more moves ago. It wasn't uncommon for me to leave the boxes that weren't a necessity until later, which is where craft projects were categorized.  

Over the years and many moves, I'd learned to bag a project or two to keep me busy until I could unpack the craft stuff, but that didn't stop me from exploring quilt shops or arts & crafts stores in my new location, so I'd start new projects that had to be added to the ever growing list.

This year, I decided to also make a list of the projects I want to do. I often see a project or pattern that I want to try, but forget about it when I get distracted by things in progress. Therefore, I will now make a list of these things, though I may not get to them. 

So far, this is my list for 2014 ...

  • Let It Snow (kitchen towel)
  • Red, White & Blue Ribbon
  • "Jamie" Star Towel
  • Roly Poly Santas (ornaments)
  • Watermelon Towel
  • Purple Quilt Block
  • Candy Canes (kitchen towel)
  • God Bless Me (baby bedding)
  • Daily Tabletopper
  • Summer is Sweet (kitchen towel)
  • Rejoice Wreath (pillow)
  • Pink & White Monochromatic Heart
  • Army Seal
  • Easter Bunny & Egg (mom)
  • Easter Bunny & Egg (me)
  • Love, Honor, Cherish
  • Christmas Stocking

  • Black and White Quilt
  • A Home for All Seasons
  • Red, White and Blue Stars (towel)
  • Spring 2013 Mystery Quilt
  • Pink and Blue Child and Doll Quilts
  • Blue and Gold Quilt
  • Country Charm Wallhanging Quilt

Misc. Projects
  • Jamie's art display
  • Maggie's art display

Project Wish List
  • Quiltsmart Lone Star
  • Quiltsmart Mondo or Midi Bag
I'll post this as a page link at the top and update it as often as I can.