Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Checking In, Keeping Busy ...

Hello friends! Sorry I have MIA for a bit. I finally took the plunge. With so much encouragement, prodding and interest in the creation of a Creative Community for Military Families I finally decided it was time. So since November 1, I have been busy moving all the the posts from this blog that we've posted in the past month the the new blog and am getting ready to launch the blog Thanksgiving Day.

I am excited to put it mildly and apprehensive to put it honestly.

I've got so many ideas and hope that eventually I can get some guest bloggers to keep things fun!

This will return to my personal creative outlet and I am so excited. I've been conflicted about putting stuff that was about what I was working on while I was trying to get an idea of the kind of interest there is in a military family one.

Switching to the personal side, I am super excited about the start of the holiday season. Christmas music on the radio inspired me as I finish Thanksgiving projects and start looking ahead to Christmas. Yeah!!

This was the latest wine shades for our formal table decor. I loved this vintage-y fabric and it really matched the centerpiece mat.

This past weekend, my husband and I enjoyed a night out and attended the Alley Theatre's Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. It was great and seeing Houston at night is always a treat!

Well, off to work on some projects! Until our next cup of tea ...

Friday, November 1, 2013

You Saw It Here First: FA Edmunds Stitches Up Fun

It has been a busy week and a half for me. First I prepped for then worked at the International Quilt Market. This is such as great event, where hundreds of vendors in the quilting and creative arts industry come together to show off their latest and greatest products. While I spent lots of time working in the booth for my "day job", I did get to walk around and explore.

In my last post I briefly profile my choice for Top 5 Vendors to Watch For. Another company that was also at Market was FA Edmonds Co. I've worked with the company on several occasions. Edmunds has spent more than 50 years manufacturing needle and quilting frames and accessories. Recently, I had the chance to explore a little more into their products. 

Many creative arts projects that I do involve some sort of stitching or embroidery. I just enjoy needlework. With a variety of sizes and shapes of frames, its easy to find one that fits your needs. I really enjoyed trying my hand with the various hoops and can tell you that I have had a version of their Quilters & Stitchers No-Slip Hoop Tape on my hoops for a while now - both hand and machine hoops. Love it!

I've always loved a good sturdy hand hoop because it it one of projects that travel easily during those PCS moves. I remember being stuck in a hotel room at 8 months pregnant waiting on housing paperwork to clear and being so grateful for zippered bags of stitching projects. I switched easily between one or another whenever boredom set in and having a hoop that could take the stress and restlessness of a bored pregnant woman was crucial.

I will change my hoop to larger or smaller size depending on the project that I was working on and the fact that the Edmunds hoops I have stack inside each other will definitely make future moves less painful since can pack more efficiently and have multiple grab-n-go projects on hand to keep me entertained.


I would have to say that the one product that I have added to my wish list is the Antique Thread Keeper, and organization tool that had rods to hold thread and a drawer for additional storage. Most military family members will agree that organization is important, though maintaining organization may often be a wish of its own.
At the International Quilt Market I had time to talk to some of the representatives who attended and I was impressed with the teams' willingness to answer questions, and their knowledge in making sure that I found the products that were right for me.
One day, when military life lets us settle down more, I would love to work on a huge project on a floor hoop, but that is on the list for the future. 
The F.A. Edmunds line now includes hoops, frames and stands used for quilting, cross stitch, needlepoint, tapestry, crewel, latch hook, embroidery and punch needle embroidery. Edmunds' brand can be found in specialty chains, stitchery catalogs, internet outlets and independent retailers throughout the US, Canada, Europe, South and Central America and Asia. So for military families stationed overseas, you can find then near you as well.

Until our next cup of tea ...