Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Checking In, Keeping Busy ...

Hello friends! Sorry I have MIA for a bit. I finally took the plunge. With so much encouragement, prodding and interest in the creation of a Creative Community for Military Families I finally decided it was time. So since November 1, I have been busy moving all the the posts from this blog that we've posted in the past month the the new blog and am getting ready to launch the blog Thanksgiving Day.

I am excited to put it mildly and apprehensive to put it honestly.

I've got so many ideas and hope that eventually I can get some guest bloggers to keep things fun!

This will return to my personal creative outlet and I am so excited. I've been conflicted about putting stuff that was about what I was working on while I was trying to get an idea of the kind of interest there is in a military family one.

Switching to the personal side, I am super excited about the start of the holiday season. Christmas music on the radio inspired me as I finish Thanksgiving projects and start looking ahead to Christmas. Yeah!!

This was the latest wine shades for our formal table decor. I loved this vintage-y fabric and it really matched the centerpiece mat.

This past weekend, my husband and I enjoyed a night out and attended the Alley Theatre's Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. It was great and seeing Houston at night is always a treat!

Well, off to work on some projects! Until our next cup of tea ...

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