Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"It is An Honor to Just Be Nominated" and More ...

I have been quite busy lately, but I haven't forgotten about posting all my craft creations! This is what has been keeping me busy ... 

I am so excited about the Winter Issue. I love the holidays and because I work at a quarterly magazine I have an excuse to start early! Yeah!!

I guess our magazine is turning a few heads as we enter our 10th year, because this also happened this summer (if you didn't see on the TEAinTEXAS social media feeds.)

I love this job!! About 2 weeks ago I was introduced to tea blending. First of all, the smell in the office is always A-M-A-Z-I-N-G anyway because of the teas on display, in stock and usually being brewed, but then my first chance to help was with Houston's Hero, a caramel and almond blend that is literally the smell of heaven ... literally!

O.k., I have to get back to the magazine, but if you are looking for some teas, send me an email to EnjoysTeaAndQuilts@gmail.com and ask me where to get TEAinTEXAS teas!

Until our next cup of (Texas) tea,

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