Friday, January 8, 2010

Bitten by the bug again!

OMG! I can't believe it has been 4 months since I last posted! In all honesty though, it has been about that long since I've been able to do any significant crafts. A lot has been going on. In October the Army moved us again ... not that I'm complaining, we're in Miami now, but I was more than 7-months pregnant! After a week here at the new house, we headed to Houston for almost 3 weeks for the baby shower and to visit family. After returning we learned that my grandfather had been in a serious car crash and a week later despite all of the doctors efforts he passed away and we drove to Louisiana to attend the funeral. Then we arrived back in Miami at the beginning of December and George started his new command position and I attempted to unpack as much of the house as possible.

So now it's January and things are settling down, which is good because I'm about 6-weeks away from my due date and it's time to start concentrating on baby preparations.

When we went to Louisiana for the funeral my grandmother gave me the baby blanket she had finished a month or so earlier. Since she has so many grandchildren (16) much less the great-grandchildren (4) she is making one blanket for each grandchild's family. She had started making blankets for each of the grandkids in the last year and that was enough to keep her crocheting into the late hours, but then both my (biological) brother and I found out we were expecting at the same time! Boy is her plate full now! (She says God did that to help her keep busy now that my grandfather has passed.) So she asked if making one with blue, pink and yellow was o.k. so that if we have a girl later on we can use if for her too! I think it turned out beautiful!!!

It's bittersweet to have such a beautiful blanket that she worked on while caring for my grandfather even before the accident and G'Pa will certainly be missed.

It will be the first two (biological) great-grandchild for our paternal family and first great-grandchildren for out maternal.

My mother is also crocheting him a blanket and I have some things on my list as well. For a baby in South Florida, he's sure going to have a lot of blankets!

I've got more posts coming soon, so please stop back by. I've got some projects that I am h=finishing now that I am suppose to be resting more.

Until our next cup of tea ...


Rose Haven said...

Well...well...well!! It's sooooooo good to see you posting again!! I've caught a few of your updates on your other blog...but I'm glad you're back here!!

Oh my...6 weeks!! And it's a BOY? Do you have a name picked out?

~Blessings Sweetie,

Spanish Princess said...

Yes, six weeks didn't sound like a lot of time in middle school when I needed to pull up my grades and it really doesn't sound long now. We have picked out a name, he will be George James III, after my husband and father-in-law. IN honor of my FIL, we'll call him Jamie, which was his nickname as a child.