Saturday, January 9, 2010

Making the Furbaby Comfy and Safe

So as I'll post in a day or so on A Cup of Tea with Friends, my military life blog, the new king bed we got for Christmas was delivered on Thursday. It made the mattress higher than usual (about 2.5-feet to the top of the mattress) and now the puppy's steps are too short for him to get on and off easily. Well, last night, the poor guy was trying to climb down using the steps and lost his footing and completely fell off the bed, nearly hitting his head on the crib we'd set up in there recently. It woke me up (since I haven't been sleeping well anyway) and he just lay there dazed and confused.

I checked him to make sure he was o.k. since it was a complete face plant into the carpet (his short legs have problems catching him). About 15-minutes later he climbed back in bed with the steps and got stuck at the top so I got up to help him up the nearly 12-inch gap. He was just shaking at the top step scared to try to hop. It kind of woke my hubby up and I told him Sgt. Major had fallen and was now too scared to climb in bed by himself. Well, that set the agenda for today.

Despite the (upper) 30 degree weather and freezing rain, hubby and I donned our college sweat shirts and warm(-ish) pants and headed to Lowes to get supplied to make a ramp for the puppy. We spent the morning designing it so that it was sturdy, but wide enough for him to turn and fell comfortable going down on. Supply list in hand we headed to Lowes.

After 4-hours of bitter cold and (much) irritation as to how to go about making it (we have DIFFERENT ways of doing things, I am more planning and design and he likes to "wing it"), we finally got the frame done.

As you can see (below), Sgt. Major liked it so much he was willing to walk up the ramp going nowhere and we couldn't get him off of it, even as we tried to wrap it in carpet ...

We did get it fiished though and it turned out great. (The notch is so it fits over the footbaord and snuggle up again the mattress so there is no gap.)

I think in the (distant) future we'll wrap a piece of plywood in the leather like our headboard or stain it a chocolate brown to match the bed, so it looks better, but for now, the pup can safely snuggle in bed with me when he wants.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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