Friday, September 27, 2013

Halloween Memories Remembered as We Prepare for Upcoming "Scare-Season"

Ah, finally Fall in Texas, although the weather has not gotten the memo. Its been in the upper 80s and lower 90s here. UGH! But that hasn't stopped me from preparing for the Fall ... or looking back at the fun from last Fall. This is a wreath I made last year and I absolutely LOVE it. It was so easy! Burlap on a wreath from and hot glue some flowers! I event love the smell of the burlap ... kinda reminds me of hay and pumpkin patches.

Last year Halloween was fun. My little one's school had Trunk-or-Treat in the parking lot and I went all out with the gypsy costume. I wish I could find a photo of the decorated back of my Tahoe. Kids, teachers and staff loved it! Now I have to top it! Yikes!!

My husband was stationed overseas for the year, but sent this Texans jersey for my little one. He loved it and as you can tell, it will fit for a few years!

Well my costume for this year is still hush-hush, but as Halloween gets closer I'll start revealing stuff! Hope your Halloween planning is quite the "treat"!
Until our next cup of tea ...

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