Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Trying New Things, Extending My Comfort Zone

So 2013 has been a year of new projects for me in the area of quilting. Until this year, I hadn't done anything beyond creating simple quilts with large blocks. I wasn't really interested in anything too crazy, though I have two that I have been working on (off and on) for a few years now. I guess I have always kept a busy schedule, juggling full-time job, various deployments, working on my masters and volunteering. Other projects, such as cross stitching and embroidery, even scrapbooking, allowed me the ease to pick up and set down projects with little preparation.

But this year, I thought juggling a full time job and part-time job, life with a toddler, managing the house and a husband in law school was the perfect time to go bigger! Maybe I just needed something to fill the time that the hubby is studying and the little one is in bed. 

So far this year, I have done my first "mystery quilt" though not finished, I am about 70% done with the top. (I really should get on that. Maybe this weekend.)

I also made a small blanket and a floor blanket for my son's godmother, who is expected to deliver any day now.

About 2 weeks ago my mom asked if I wanted to participate in a Round Robin she is doing. They just had their first meeting and 4 of the 6 people on her team dropped out! So I joined and will go to my first meeting in November! So as I collect my fabric and decide what I want my medallion to be, I am very excited. Once I get everything set, I'll post photos and stuff as well as post about my progress throughout (though not sure about posting photos until quilts are revealed.)

Have you ever done a Round Robin quilt? What was it like? What was your reaction when your quilt was revealed?

Until our next cup of tea,

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