Monday, October 13, 2008

Childhood Treasures Found

I was cleaning the laundry room today and found a stack of old picture frames at the top of the cabinet and I found two very exciting treasures.

The first (left) is a framed cross stitch piece that my great greatgrandmother stitched, I wish I knew the year.

My mom had it stuff in some box for a while and when I was just beginning college (and defining my stitching and decorating style) I found it and convinced her to give it to me. I framed it in some cheap Wal-Mart frame to prevent it from getting any further damage.

I loved the colors. It reads, When St. Peter announces "It's time to go," I say "Please let me finish, just one more row."

I was very lucky in the fact that my great grandmother was alive until I was 26 years old. So got to spend a lot of years with her. She was a large part of my love of crafts and stitching. She made us all sorts of things when we were young, from stuffed animals to children's purse to doll clothes. Her main projects were crocheting and sewing, though she did some stitching. She only made one quilt that we know of, it was a child sized one made for me from my baby clothes and favorite clothing pieces of my mother and grandmother's. I brought it to her funeral 5 years ago and my mom took it home. I'm still trying to get it back, but I digress.

The second was a framed collage of pictures of my brother Mark and I (he's the only one who shares both of the same parents in my group of 12 siblings, the rest are half-siblings or step.) I absolutely loved it! We were so young.

My plan is to take both the the Arts and Crafts Center on post and have then re-framed in archival matts and frames to protect them more. I'm thinking I may look for some more pics and do one for my brother and sister-in-law as a Christmas present. I'll be sure to post pictures when I get them completed.


Sandi said...

I look forward to seeing your teacups. I have a friend who collects them and they are lovely. I have only a few and they are nothing fancy. Going to add you to my blog list as I think your teacups might be inspiration for a blog project that I will begin in December called "Tea and Stitches". Keeping the details quiet until after I get through a quilting retreat that I am doing with my daughter in a week. Enjoyed reading your other blog, too.

Meari said...

Thanks for sharing your memories, Michelle. They were great!

Btw, every time I see teacups and saucers I think of you. :)