Sunday, October 12, 2008

Enjoying a Cup of Tea ...

This is the renewal of my second blog, sadly deleted when I was unable to keep up with it. The first, A Cup of Tea with Friends, is a journal of my life as a military wife ... the good, the bad and the ugly. But no matter how bad it gets I can always escape life in my haven ... my home.

I am first and foremost a teacup collector. My interest started as a child when I would play with my grandmother's silver teaset and pretend I was a Spanish Princess in a faraway land. It is a title that I have continue to hang on to even as an adult to remind myself of those treasured memories. There will be more in my collection later, but let me tell you a little more about me.

I love decorating and re-decorating my home, much to my husband's dismay. To avoid conflict, most of the re-decorating is done when he is deployed, so when he gets home it's done and for the most part he likes it. He's just not a fan of the transitional period.

Before we met, 8 years ago, I was in college and I had dreams of creating a home with richly-colored fabrics, dark wood and elegant furniture and original artwork. Even as a college student I had saved my pennies and slowly began aquiring the furniture and fabrics that I had envisioned. It could also be seen in my photography ... I studied photography as a second major in college and I leaned towards photographing Southern antebellum (pre-war south.) I grew up in the shadow of old Southern plantations and dreamed of recreating that in my own home one day.

However, George liked a more comfy, well-worn furniture, southwestern style feel of things ... hmm ... how do you combine those two ways of life?

After much thought, I settled on my second favorite style, Romantic Cottage. It combines my love of colorful fabrics and textures, with his need for comfort. So as my new goal of creating a home for "us" versus "me" unfolds, I look forward to find inspiration and sharing ideas with others.

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Sue said...

My mom had a great collection of cups and saucers. She kept them on a mahogany shelf on the wall. When they moved to FL they all escaped the move without being broken or chipped. My sister Pat has them now and she feels blessed to have the collection.
No doubt with your love of color and detail, your home must be beautiful. Fit for a Princess and her Knight in Shining Armor.
Blessings my friend.