Saturday, November 1, 2008

Join me for a cup of tea ... part 3

Welcome to Saturday tea ... sorry I am late, I guess it'll be an afternoon tea this week. Please a enjoy a crumpet, scone or whatever treat you'd like as you join me in the sunroom and we continue to talk tea. Let me tell you about my third piece in my collection ...

Now where were we? Oh, yes, I had just gotten my first teaset in North Carolina ....

At the end of the summer I packaged everything up for the 19-plus hour trip back to Houston. There is the front seat of my purple Fort Ranger sat the carefully boxed tea set and the two original matching tea cup and saucers. I breathed a sigh of relief when I made it to my new college apartment and unpacked my "collection." I placed them on the only counter in that small efficiency apartment. I had my stepfather's gold fabric "college" couch, a day bed and no room for a kitchen table, but my collection was proudly displayed.

Following graduation in May 2003, I again packaged my treasures and headed off to my first "home." I was renting a beautiful four-bedroom house that my grandparents had bought to renovate and I promised to help when I moved in.

First things first, out came the collection. Now that I had room, I saved my pennies (literally) and bought a brass table with three glass shelves to display my growing collection. It was actually a towel rack for the bathroom, but it was all I could afford and it worked. Its the table which the teaset was on in last week's tea.

Helping my grandmother go through her "Christmas closet" that year, we found a pretty blue tea-for-one set that included the teapot that steeped on top of the tea cup and had a pretty dessert plate with it. She offered it to me, probably after seeing my humble collection when she visited.

So I took my newfound treasure home, thinking about all of Christmases I had helped her go through that closet and placed it on the counter. There it sat for nearly 8 months until my next adventure came ... marraige ... but more about the next peice at tea next week!

Until our next visit ...

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Jan and Tom's Place said...

Sorry I've been out of touch...what with healing from the attack by the looney neighbor and his lawn tractor...and going out of town all weekend...I'm just now making the rounds.

What a lovely little tea set! I enjoy your on-going stories.