Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Celebration of Life

This week I wanted to take time to celebrate the roses that my recently passed father-in-law brought into my life.

These are the roses on the bush in the back yard. It was planted by my husband's grandmother and cared for by his dad long after she passed away. I love the variations of pink against the yellow house. He had a yellow rose bush in the front of the house too. But I missed the blooms this year since we were at the hospital so much the past few months.

This was a beautiful painting of roses that we found when packing the house. I fell in love ith it the minute I saw it. George thinks it was something his grandmother had in her house, before she passed away. It was tucked back in a closet at the back of his dad's house.

When I was cleaning the kitchen and diningroom, George and I found a variety of beautiful glass serving pieces and such. It took me about 4 days just to go through those two rooms, but towards to end of it I found this single plate with a beautiful pink rose on it. I'm not sure what to do with it, but it will be a pretty serving plate or something.

Until our next visit ...

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