Sunday, March 18, 2012

Deployment Creations: February Projects

Ah, this I think will be my favorite monthly post. As the second month of my husband's deployment closes and we drift into the third month, marking the 1/4 point, I am busy ... staying busy. So busy, I almost forgot to finish and publish this post, which is why I am half-way through March and just getting to it.

So much happened in February for my family. I went to Korea to visit my husband, while our little guy spent his first week at his grand parents' ranch (usually just an overnight). The little guy turned 2 and not only did his exploration and energy levels increase exponentially, but so did his speech. I went on a business trip for my mom's company,Bear Thread Designs, and met quite a few new friends, which could lead to some additional freelance work for me as well (I am a marketing and public relations profesional doing consulting until I find a job ... and maybe beyond!)

Two of the people I met and worked with on that trip were Traci and Jane of Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. and Jennifer with her new product, The Art Kloth. I left there with a plethora of ideas and can't wait to get started ... but first I have some other projects to finish up.

Here are a few I did in February:

Photo Collages
I made these collages for George's Valentine's Day gift and had hoped to display them at Monkey's birthday party before I left for Korea, but his party was postponed, so they went to Daddy without the parety preview. There is one of pictures from Jamie's 1st year and 2nd year and I think it turned out good for a project I was doing without much instruction or direction. I just printed black and white photos, cut our numbers and mod-podged it onto a sturdy surface (I used uncut photo mats from when I studied photography!). I'll try to post instructions ans photos in a later post.

Fusible Web Applique Centerpiece
I made this centerpiece using scrap fabric, left over fusible and a piece of fabric that covered a random-sized window in our last house (you learn to adapt in military life!)

Grandmother's Family Bracelet
This is a bracelet I made my grandmother for her 80th birthday last month. Each bead represents a family member, 4 children, 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren!!

Cupcake Towel
As promised last month, I made another cupcake towel in February. I'm a little nervouse baout March, since the month is nearly over and I haven't even started, but I've got some ideas. This is a larger cross stitched pattern and took me nearly the whole month, so I didn't get a potholder done, but I love the wat it turned out!!

Well, it was a bit of a slow month craft-wise, but I'm hoping to be able to get some things finished up and then I can devote more time to finishing craft projects (Yeah!!)

Until our next cup of tea,

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