Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's hard to believe its about 6 weeks since George left. It's been the hardest seperation that he and I have faced so far and getting adjusted has taken longer. The pup and the baby are acting out, both in their own creative ways. I've been mindful that with George gone I have to be more patient because there's no one to swoop in and take over in moments like ... well this morning, when Jamie dumped a piping hot cup of coffee on my lap because he wanted to see Minnie Mouse on my mug (note to self, don't use that cup unless he's asleep!!) It has helped that I have managed to get a few minutes of "me time" here and there, between job searching, cleaning, party planning, and helping Mom with some (actually fun) project quilts (I didn't always like it.) Aside from reading, which a more mobile activity, I've also been working on a variety of craft projects. Here is a look at what I did in January:

Skeleton Key Towel

I found this free pattern at a site that has tons of monochormatic patterns. I've done some, like the fluer-de-lis and tiara, but she has tons of cute stuff. This one was quick and easy, day and a half!! (I have no idea why my computer keepsflipping the photo upside down!)

Cupcake Towel and Potholder

This was a fun one. It was free pattern that I had saved a while back and discovered when I was looking on my computer for a project after I finished the key. Now I'm a bit adddicted to the cupacakes and want to see if I can do a towel or other project a month while he's gone. Fun and fat-free!! I've already started on a cross stitch cupcake towel for February and have some patterns for applique, embroidered and cross stitch waiting for later. Mom kinda looked at me a little crazy when I said I wanted to make a cupcake quilt, but she's used to those random remarks!!

Wall Art
These were quick and fun (there are 2). I was trying to figure out a way to make the green kitchen tiles fit more into the kitchen and thus began the pink and green kitchen revolution! This was actually the first project I started, but I think I finished the key the same day I got these put together and hung.

Cork Boards
I loved this idea which came to me when I was helping Mindy with some baby shower projects. I hung one in the kitchen and one in the office. I want to add a white board and dry erase to the kitchen, but I have to find a way to make those 12x12 inch sizes to match.

Keeping busy has definitely been the key to sanity. Jamie's energy level is growing faster than he is and we go to my Mom and Dad's ranch about twice a week where he runs off some of it. I've got two more January projects that will be posted with February's because they are gifts.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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