Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A "Mountain" of Fun!

I know its been a while since I posted {hangs head in shame}, but it was with a good excuse {smiles in excitement}.

We just came back from a vacation to Disney World with our neighbors and their children who had never been. It was so much fun to see Disney World "like the first time". We'd had annual passes when we were stationed at the Air Force Reserve Base in Miami. We got to show them all the things we loved and were even able to ride a few of the adult rides that wasn't possible without someone to watch the toddler.

I did a few sewing projects before we left and the tote bag and skirt (for neighbor's daughter) were great. The boys loved their pirate's bandana, though it was too hot for them to wear.

Then earlier this week, I hoped in the heavily loaded car with my mom and we headed off on a nearly 2-day drive to Loveland, CO where Bear Thread Designs had a booth at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival! Oh, my goodness! It is the second-largest show that we do each year and as usual, I had so much fun! 

I was so excited that Mom decided to to let me man the sewing demo table where I made strip quilts (or at least started them), from Brenda Henning's Strip Therapy series. So in love now. I almost want to do them all! Every day was a new project as we made sample quilts for the booth in the future. Now I want to do too many projects to even count! I usually am the cashier and help customers, but this time I spent the 3-days sewing. Can't ask for a better job than that!

I was also able to spend some time looking at the 2013 Hoffman Challenge projects and I have to admit, I will never have skill or imagination like that. I'll post some photos later, as many are on my iPhone, not the iPad, but it was breathe-taking. If you ever get a chance to see one of those amazing quilt displays, don't pass it up! So much amazing talent!

I also got some fabrics and accessories to make some projects, some that will have to be done this weekend for our son's god-mother's shower (Yeah! A little girl to make stuff for!). I'll post those photos after the shower on Saturday, but in the meantime, wish me luck that I get everything done on time!

Well, I hope everyone in blog-land is having some fun with projects. I'm going to see how many blog posts I can write while I am a passenger (though I should sleep!). Here is a pretty picture of the Colorado plains ... looks like a storm is rolling in ...

15 minutes later ... stormed rolled in and look what we saw! 

You could see the complete rainbow and it was much brighter, but an iPad in the backseat made it difficult to capture. A few minutes later, we had a beautiful sunset as well ... Well Colorado, you are showing your true colors today and we are thankful!!

Happy stitching!

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