Monday, December 1, 2014

Getting Out and Enjoying the Farm Life!!

Our Thanksgiving week start off with a bit of activity, but when it came to Thanksgiving Day, we were blessed with calm and quiet. We spent the morning at home with my husband showing the Lil Monkey how to play a few kid-friendly games on the xBox, then Monkey really had a blast with his new Human Body game on his LeapPad when the hubby had to start studying for law school finals which started today (yikes). Meanwhile, I relaxed with a cup of Community Coffee (yum!) and some Pumpkin English Muffins while I watched a few Christmas movies. 

About lunchtime, we dropped off the rental car and headed over to my husband's aunt's house for a great meal and family time with her and her family as well as a few closer-than-family friends (those are the best). While our Lil Monkey decided to be difficult and as picky about what he would eat, hubby and I filled our bellies with a variety of dishes leaving only enough room for a small amount of guilt.

The next day was not so quiet. We aren't even tempted to try Black Friday, so as usual we loaded up and headed to the local Christmas Tree Farm. 

We had quite the adventure. First we trekked out to the trees with the measuring pole and saw, then walked around for a bit looking for the perfect one.  There were some that we small, some that were big. There were even some with birds nests or pinecones in them!! Eventually, we found one that we all agreed was the best and Dear Hubby cut it down. Then we began the walk back to the front of the farm.

Once we had the tree, we had to wait to have it measured and "shaken" (they shake the tree to get rid of all the loose needles and any critters who hitched a ride.) While my hubby stood in line, the Lil Monkey and I decided to go for a hayride. The tree farm is actually two neighboring farms with different trees that work together during the holiday season. The hayride actually takes you out to tree sections and will bring you and your tree back, but we like to walk. We decided to take the ride to see all the different areas in the farm, some that we haven't been to yet. It was lots of fun!

Once the tree was measured and loaded onto our truck, we headed home. Later that night we turned on the Christmas music, pulled all the decorations out of the attic, and got to work decorating the tree.

It's always such a treat to remember the memories and activites that led to each of the Christmas ornaments joining our collection. I can't wait for the Lil Monkey to have the same experience. 

I am really happy that he is finally at an age where we can make lots of ornaments. Look out family, you're getting some for Christmas!!

I'll share photos of some of ur favorite ornaments later.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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