Wednesday, February 11, 2015

For the Love of Creativity: Making A House a Home

I'm really enjoying this week down Memory Lane as I revisit friends who keep me #CreativelyInspired. Today, I spent a little time at Maribel's website trying to decide which of her adorable cottages I want next. You may remember Maribel from when I profiled her beautiful houses at Christmas.

But Maribel was also one of those military spouses who taught me early on that your house should reflect you in style and decor - it doesn't matter if the Army moves you every few years, you have to take pride in your home. She was a friend who worked hard to show how proud she was of her home, it didn't matter if she had to spend time painting or rearranging furniture, she took made sure her family always felt like it was home.  

Maribel, was someone who I'd watched to learn more about being a military spouse. As a young wife, married to a newly commissioned officer, I knew that the impressions I made would be important. Maribel, the spouse of a senior officer was a great example of the poise, confidence and friendiness that I hoped to develop as I started this new life.

I defientely took notes and having friends like this can both inspire and get you in trouble, because the shopping never ends! My Pinterest boards are proof of that! Live life #CreativelyInspired!! 

Until our next  cup of tea ... 

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