Saturday, March 14, 2009

A New Beginning and A Obsession

Now, Pink Depressionware is not so new to me, as you may recall an earlier post featuring my great grandmother's pieces I acquired a few years ago.

I'd decided that these would be the inspiration for my kitchen decor. They are so delicate. So I've been looking around for other pieces ... glass knobs, candleholds, goblets. Soft touches of pink everywhere.

I've learned from senior spouses, that in military life deployments and moves are inevitable, but the best way to make it feel "normal" amidst so much change is to make sure there are common "comforts" or "constants" that remain. So as we make plans to start a family, these things have become more important to me. Until now, my constants have been work and school, but both of those are coming to an end and I am excited to now focus on creating a beautiful home.

What are some of the "comforts" in your life? You don't have to live the life of a nomad to have a "happy place" or items that sooth you.

Until our next visit ...

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