Monday, November 3, 2014

The End of Another Quilt Show

We closed out the 40th Annual International Quilt Festival with a bang. O.k., maybe not a bang, so much as a clatter (of tea canisters) and a snap (of the plastic bin lids). It was my first year working at the TEAinTEXAS booth and the first year not working at the Bear Thread Designs booth (though I did help set up the booth).

I was excited to see so many quilters who enjoyed tea, many of them actively looking for us and expressing relief upon finding us because we were not in our usual location. This year we had a double booth instead of the regular single booth because in addition to our 25 tea blends, we had tea pots, tea balls, and strainers. 

We also had a large collection of gift items such as a trio tea chest, a 12 Teas of Christmas, both Texas-themed and Quilter's-themed gift sets, and Celebration cups, a papercraft teacup with a teabag and spoon, perfect for stocking stuffers. 

The best part (if you asked me) was the samples! We sampled at least 3 of our teas each day, as well as our DILLectible Dill Dip perfect for cucumber sandwiches and our scones. So much yummy-ness!! 

There were so many booth there and lots of inspiration. I chatted with quite a few friends such as Tea Time Quilting in Houston and Jordan Fabrics. Of course, once again I got fabric from Jordan Fabrics and I fell in love with an apron pattern from Tea Time Quilting, so that's been added to my project list.  

Tea Time Quilting is a TEAinTEXAS partner and were across the aisle from us at the festival, so I'm quite glad they are close by because I fell in love with so much fabric in their booth but both booths were fairly busy the wholes festival so I didn't have much of a chance to shop. I'm not worried, I have to deliver the Holiday TEAinTEXAS issue this week and hopefully will get to pick up some sweet treats.

I think the most amazing and inspirational part of the festival is the quilt display. There was a collection of red and white quilts commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Festival and it was just breathe-taking.

Well, I'm off to go and reorganize my fabric stash since I destroyed it choosing fabrics for the 4 pattern samples TEAinTEXAS sells at the festivals and craft fairs. I'll post photos of those later ...

Until our next cup of tea ...

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