Friday, October 31, 2014

The Caped Crusader

Call me Alfred because I am raising Batman!! 

Halloween is by far my family's favorite holiday. This is the first year we didn't really go all out, there just seemed to be so many things that seemed to keep us from being home long enough to get out the decorations. 

However, this year we also seemed to have a bit of a problem with our little one deciding on a costume, so we got both Ninja Turtles and Batman.

After wearing his costumes around the house for the past 2 weeks, Batman was the final choice!

We had fun at his all-day school party yesterday - a parade, party snacks, movies, games, and so much more!!

Tonight he went trick-or-treating with Daddy while I passed out candy, then he came back and they took over. He was so excited he kept running up the driveway to meet all the kids and was so excited and complimenting them on their costumes. I think that was my favorite part. 

(For some reason, I just think this expression is so funny!)

He finally fell asleep like this tonight. It almost looks like he may have some regrets on how much candy he ate tonight.

We'll, it's getting late and tomorrow I am opening the show at the International Quilt festival, so I'm off to bed. I hope everyone had a safe and sweet Halloween!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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