Friday, September 23, 2011

Halloween Hauntings Happenin'

In case you missed it on the last post, I love Fall! When my mom came to visit at the beginning of the month I set aside a day to pull out my decorations for Halloween and access what had survived the last 2 Army moves ... only to find out I needed less than an hour. Yep, Halloween may be scary, but not as scary as unpacking from Army movers! Not much Halloween stuff survived which meant ... Shopping trip!

Last weekend while my husband jumped up and down on the sofa watching the Texans' game, I took a grumpy baby and headed over to Michael's to see what I could get with their sale and my meager $30! Ah, budgeting!

I did get some stuff, though nothing that was a "big" project. I think I'll have to dedicate some time to it next year, but here are some things I did.

This was a quick and simple but really fun project. I got a charger (actually 3, but whatever) and found these "bling" stickers after adding a little to the rim ... ta-da! Spider plate! With all the shiny things I love!It really looks cool at night when we have the candles in front of it and the lights are off ...

This centerpiece was fun to put together. I love the rich purple in our burgandy dinning room. My husband really liked the candle with the skulls and for once ... I agreed to have skulls in one of the rooms!

This little guy wasn't really a project, but he was too cute to pass up! Well, I hope everyone else is having fun with holiday decorations!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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