Sunday, July 14, 2013

Craft Room: It's What You Make of It!

What is your craft room like? Is it a room specially made for you or a corner of the living room? I can say that I have had it all. From a bag by the sofa, to a room solely dedicated to my crafts, and everything in between!
We have spent the last 10 years in the military with a total of 5 moves, each house different. In Louisiana I had a random walk-in closet. It was an odd space, as all the on-base houses in the section had the same space, but for some reason the two-bedroom houses on the ends of streets had only one bath and the others had two.
So there was a random walk-in closet in the hallway. It was barely the width of the doorway, so you couldn't put shelves on the sides, only at the end. So they put small shelves barely 12-inches deep. It was such a challenge to make it useful space. By the time I got it to a functioning level, it was on to the next adventure.
Soon the Army moved us to Georgia where we had 3 bedrooms, but since we were only there for 8 months, we only unpacked necessities, so my craft (mostly stitching) projects were things that I found and started there. Packing all those boxes in hopes of finding everything I needed for a project just didn't seem worth it. Two months after we got there, we found out we were expecting out first child, so baby bibs and towels were fun, quick and easy!! 

There were other moves, but before we moved back home, we were stationed in Miami. We had a big 4-bedroom home and the downstairs "office" was quickly deemed my craft room. (I think at 8-months pregnant my husband was willing to agree to anything to prevent the pregnancy tears!) It was a small room by many standards, but for a craft room it was great! On one side there was double door closet which held our holiday decorations, and then we put his grandfather's large executive desk on one side for my computer and paperwork, and the other side we placed the childhood desk that his grandfather build him for the sewing machine. A bookshelf for organizing and it was great! the room was just off of the kitchen, so I could use the breakfast table for cutting or laying out projects.
Finally the Army brought us back home, where Monkey and I made ourselves comfortable while the Army sent my husband to Korea for a year. Now we are here, in the home my husband grew up in. My craft room is larger, but space is smaller. At first it was going to be a craft room/guest room, but then my husband was accepted to and started law school, so now it is a craft room and office.
Organizing the smaller space has been a challenge, but I am grateful that we have the financial stability for me to be able to do extra things like this, even with my husband transferring to the Army Reserves and in school full time. It's still a work in progress, but I have learned to adapt over the years as a military spouse so its not took big of an issue. I do occasionally still take over the kitchen or playroom floor when I need to ... that's right, everyone shares around here and sometimes I am laying out a project alongside trains and Legos!

I am off this week, so I am hoping to get some projects done, or at least with enough progress to post some updates! What are you working on this weekend?
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