Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Michelle's Mystery Explained

A project that I participated in this Spring was a mystery quilt, hosted by Bear Thread Designs, on their blog, Just the Bear Facts. I started them blog, I mean Jaggie the Bear, started the blog last year to chronicle the adventures of the BTD team and Jaggie the Bear specifically, as he meandered the quilting world and would often find himself up to his "fluff" in trouble as he searches out new and exciting ways to get crafty.
This Spring one of the activities was a mystery quilt ... where each week Jaggie would post a step to a quilt project that would come to life as each step was posted. All of the steps to the Mystery Quilt can be found on the blog if you'd like to try it.
So each Monday following a posting I chronicled my progress from the week before. I had always helped my mom and this time I chose to participate as a blog follower, without knowing the outcome. Though I am not complete yet, I am hoping that I will be motivated to finish them soon. I spent some time on the quilt this week and have all except a few blocks put ogether. Jaggie borrowed a few of my quilt blocks to show as an example when he posted a few of the steps and when he returned them, I neglected to put them in the box with the rest and they got separated and I did not finish them with the rest.
So far, this is where I am at ...
While working on mine recently, I made a classic quilter discovery ... I laid my blocks out wrong and fell in love!!

This is the original layout (above) that Jaggie showed you in the last step of the mystery quilt. Classic pattern, always a good choice. But ... I unknowingly inverted my chevron blocks and made diamonds!!

I loved it ... but I also love **not** following a pattern perfectly and making a project "my own". I always alter at least one thing, regardless of the craft. I took a vote among family, friends and co-workers at m
y last job and it was unanimous- the diamond block was the favorite. So I will layout my blocks in the original pattern for a photograph, but in the end, my "accident" wins!
A few more blocks to go and I'll be posting the finished project!
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