Thursday, August 21, 2014

Getting Back to Familiar Places

So my little guy is officially in school and now I have to decide what to do with myself during the day. His school is more than an hour from our home via a toll road, so going back home to work is not really time or financially responsible. That leaves me with the task to find a place near his school to work when I am not out meeting with potential clients or the magazine staff.

I've visited a few coffee shops, tea rooms and cafes, but it feels awkward to work on something like research or writing when people are walking in and out beside me. Yes, I know people do it and yes, I have done it at times, but to do it every day gets a little unnerving, not to mention expensive if I am buying a drink or snack every day.

So yesterday, after a brief search I found my way to local public library.  Now I will admit, it has been a while since I walked into a library. I was a regular at base libraries before Monkey was born, and after he came along we did attend toddler reading or play times, but the past year or so his energy is too much to be contained and silenced at a library ... somedays I think is energy is too much for one large outdoor park to contain, but that's a different story ...

I found a public library about 5 minutes from school, so the short drive is a bonus. I think mostly I was surprised with how many people were there. I am a avid reader so books are a comfort to me, but in daily life I run into a lot of people who don't have time to read, don/'t find it fun, or actually hate the idea of sitting down and reading. I really was expecting very few people here, or at least those who were here would be on the computers. 

There were moms here with a few kids at tables in the book sections, some teens filling out collage and job applications, and quite a few people who were "non-traditional" students - people taking classes online, using the free internet or wi-fi for research or studying with someone.

It's great to see people using their local libraries. Though this one doesn't seem to be at the top of the list for updating and maintenance funding, speaking with a few librarians gave me the sense that there was pride in its care.

I think what disappointed me was the number of people talking on their phone, sitting at study tables and Skyping or on FaceTime. I understand if your phone rings and you answer to tell the caller you will return their call later, I did that when the handsome hubby called, but one lady sat in the chair next to me and had a full conversation in another language to include laughing ... and she was NOT using her inside voice. There was also the guy on Skype who was making kissy-faces and smooching and professing his love to the person on the computer ... let me just say that was awkward to stumble upon.

All in all I think I'm going to enjoy this little slice of heave tucked under the oak trees. Today, I managed to find a little corner table and there I sat with a row of books to my back, a window looking out over the busy street and a full view of rows and rows of books being investigated by patrons.

Not a bad spot ... All I need is a nice cup of tea ...

There was is older gentleman who asked to share my small round table with me and at first I thought it would be awkward, but her just sat there for an hour or so quietly writing inspirational poems and such by hand from a book. He seemed really at peace. And when it was time for me to leave and go get Monkey, he seemed sad that I was leaving and wished me a blessed day. I was kind of sad too, because I enjoyed the quiet company.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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