Thursday, August 14, 2014

Got My Owl!!

Yesterday I got a surprise in the mail. Well, not really a surprise, but a treat. Actually, anything that comes in the mail that is not bills or sales flyer is a treat, but you get the idea.
Last week I finally ordered some charms and a chain for my living locket from Origami Owl.  I'd been introduced to Origami Owl or O2 at a Women's Conference that my former law firm was particpating in as a vendor, about 2 years ago. I bought a living locket and two charms. I loved it and so did my co-workers and friends who saw it. A few asked me to host a party, but the closest rep we could find was about an hour away.

Recently, however, a longtime friend of mine, Korin, told he she has signed up to be a Origami Owl Designer. I was so excited! Let's the shopping begin!!

Last week I order two more charms and a chain, and today they arrived! They were even better than I thought! Of course, I had to get a tea cup (or coffee depending on how tired I am) and a white flower to remind me of all of the beautiful places we visited on our 10 year anniversary cruise.

When I put it all together, it was perfect! Well, almost ... Within hours of getting the charms, I was back on the website, making a wish list ... I mean I definitely need a blog charm, right!?!

I guess the packaging was right then, happiness found me! {sigh} They just get me! If you don't have a Origami Owl rep, definitely check out Korin's Origami Owl page.


Until our next cup of tea ...
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