Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's So Close I Can See It!!

We are just days away from the TEAinTEXAS Fall Issue hitting distributors and newsstands and I am so excited!! As the quilting coodinator this is my favorite issue because it is the QUILTING Issue, as the Assoc. Editor, Gulf Coast I am excited because we have some fun Fall activities and events that roll in with the cooler weather. However, you can PREVIEW it early here at the Teacup Collector's Cottage in a digital format before they hit the stores.

This issue I wrote the Letter from the Editor and took a few minutes to share the power of tea and quilting through my experiences. I can honestly say that each issue is my favorite in that as I turn each page I am still inspired by the stories, advertisers, highlights and more. The staff at TEAinTEXAS have built longlasting relationships with our partners and work to bring you the best that Texas and the Gulf Coast States have to offer, whether you are traveling or exploring your own community.  

This year you have seen some of these inspirations comes to life as I blogged about my crafts, exploring and other random whims, many inspired by TEAinTEXAS. I have spent the past 10 years exploring the communities where military life has taken us and am excited at the chance to explore my own backyard now.

Feel free to peruse the pages of the Fall Issue of TEAinTEXAS and let me know what inspires you!

Until our next cup of tea,

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