Saturday, January 24, 2009

Join me for a cup of tea ... part 10

Welcome to another Saturday Tea. I hope your week has been a good one. Please pull up a seat, have a cup of tea and some sweet treat of your choice. Last time we had tea I showed you the 5 Teacups and Saucers from my Grandmother's collection but I forgot to mention there was also a pretty saucer wh'd lost it's cup mate a long time ago. If I can find a picture of it, I will post at a later date, but today I am going to share with you the cups given to me by my closest friend, KG.

KG is also a military spouse. We'd met one fateful day in early 2006 when she got a job as a fellow staff writer at the post newspaper where I worked. She was given the office next to me and we'd hit it off from the start. So much in fact that the door that actually linked our officed on the shared wall was always open with our desks also being on or near that wall so we could chat throughout the day. (The previous writer actually had closed and blocked the door with a bookcase ... Point taken!)

At the time George had been deployed in Afghanistan. After long conversations and shared stories we realized just how much we had in common, aside from being military spouses and writers. She too was a Captain's wife with no children and furbabies who kept her busy. We lived in the same neighborhood, one street away from each other (there is actually a little path through the wooks that connect our homes) and she too has family in the area.

We bonded quickly as our higher education levels had made us outcasts at work (don't ask, but it appeared that HAVING an education was a negative thing.)

Anyway, shortly after George came home we had the chance to introduce our husbands after two power surges knocked out two TVs and computer, I offered her one of our TVs since we didn't really need three TVs in a house with two people! When she returned them she brought along these (below) teacups and saucers that had been given to her by her mother but she didn't want them and thought they'd have a loving home with me.

There were so many to look at. My poor husband was forgotten about for a day or so while I sorted, washed and cataloged them. There were a few that stood out to me, but I'm having trouble finding some of those individual pictures since I got my new computer. If I find them I will posts.

KG and I still continue to be close. We both left the newspaper within a week of each other, both taking jobs as Family reps ... she for my husband's unit and me for the MPs which her husband's unit fell under at that time. True to our "one is never without the other" repuation, both of our husbands recieved orders for their next duty station. We will leave at the same time and go to military posts and hour and a half away from each other. I guess that'll make our seperation transition a little easier.

Until our next visit ...


Sandi said...

Wow does your blog bring back a lot of memories for me. I collected teacups and related items for several years. I don't have near as many as I used to since many have moved on to new owners who will love and cherish them, but I did keep a few. Lovely blog!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Wow, What a wonderful thing for her to do. What fun.