Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Book of Treasures

Today I want to share with you my pretty pink photo album. I saw it at Target I think and JUST HAD TO HAVE IT! Though at the time I didn't know what to use it for.

One day I was trying to organize my teacups and other tea-related items and thought, while not catolog them. I was already photographing them for my blog.

So on the back of each photo is the date, description and story of how each one came to join my collection. Many of those stories are recounted on my Saturday Tea posts, as I go through each one in chronoligcal order.

So do you think I am oddly organized yet? My husband and friends think so. DO you organize your collection or anyhting like this? Next week I will preview another binder or two that I have.

Until our next visit ...


Rose Haven said...

I don't think you're oddly all!

I haven't photographed each one of my teacups individually and put them in a book with info on the back...but all of my "pretties" are wonderfully organized. And, everything is either in my Kitchen, Dining Room or Pantry...which are right next to each other!!! Thank goodness I had the foresight to have plenty of China Cabinets built in!!! LOL!!!

Over the past weekend, Tom and I added 5 sets of China to our COLLECTION!! And a few more TEACUPS, too!!! LOL!!!

Thanks for linking up with your beautiful post today!!


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I had to go back & look at your Saturday Tea posts...I soo enjoyed it. Your passion for your collection shows in that very first post, about the ones you bought back in 1995 as a senior.

I laughed my butt off over the Mother's Day tea cup...reminds me of my mom ;o)

Paula @ the Little Young House said...

What a fantastic idea! And I think it's great to organize like this. I do this type of thing, too, and it drives my husband crazy. I am a big color-coder when it comes to filing, and I have the drawers in our laundry room coded for certain items only. He stopped me when I started alphabetizing the pantry! Ha! I even have our CD's and DVD's in alpha order, so you know this would be right up my alley! Love you blog! Thanks so much for visiting mine. Hope you come back again, and I can't wait to visit more of your blog and see all your pretty little treasures!

All good wishes,

White Iris Designs said...

How very clever...nice use of a prety photo album. I only wish I were that organized!! Thanks for sharing today!

Rose Haven said...

Thanks so much for your visit and encouraging words. I'm feeling MUCH better now. But, I do need to take some time away and get my TO DO list done!!!

I checked your post...and what a lovely job you did in your response.