Thursday, January 22, 2009

Teacups to share ...

So there are mornings when I wake up and think, "I wonder what Jan is doing today?" Now for those of you who visit Jan and Tom @ Rose Haven, know what I'm talking about. Every week there is something new and surprising, but she also does a variety of weekly events like Rose Wednesday.

Well, I was not surprised when I logged on this week and found that she was sharing again with others in a tea cup give-a-way. These Give-Aways will last for 15 weeks...every Thursday, starting today. The last Give-Away will be on April 30th. The Photo below is of the ACTUAL cups and saucer sets.

So here's how it works ... You must:
1. Live in the USA only
2. Have a blog
3. Only comments left the on the weekly post will be considered for the Teacup and Saucer being given away that week
4. You may ONLY win ONCE in the 15 week Give-Away
5. If you do NOT win, you will have to post again the following week, for another chance.
6. Each week there may be a topic of discussion for the comment section, so be sure to read before entering.

For 5 EXTRA ENTRIES into the weekly drawing, take the GIVE-AWAY BUTTON , just below (it's smaller and will fit on your side-bar) ~ put it on your blog side-bar, with this HYPER-LINK to her blog:

Now that you know where to find Jan, take time to browse through her blog. I will guarentee you'll find something you like.

Until our next visit ...

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Rose Haven said...

WOW!!! Thank you so much!!! I'm pleased as punch that you are so excited about it!! This is a big deal to us, too! We're having alot of fun with it and I'm hoping we have alot of participants over the 15 weeks.

Thanks again for doing this post!!