Thursday, October 30, 2014

Went to Market, Saw Some Friends

What a busy week this has been! Actually, for the first time in more than a month, I came home from a day at my son's school and didn't have pending work for the magazine, a work assignment, something for the school's Fall Festival or my son's class. So after cleaning the house a bit, making dinner, doing a load or two of laundry, and spending some time with my little one before tucking him into bed, I am settling in to write a blog post or two.

The week started off absolutely amazingly (I know that grammatically that may not be a valid statement). On Sunday, I jetted off to the George R. Brown Convention Center here in Houston for Quilt Market. What an amazing opportunity to visit and explore quilting companies, designers and more. It was both a chance to do some research for the upcoming 2015 issues of TEAinTEXAS as well as visit with friends from all my years of working in the quilting industry and my time with Bear Thread Designs.

It was definitely an amazing experience. 

Something obviously on my Must-Do List was to visit the Quiltsmart booth. As you know, I am doing A Year of Quiltsmart (August 2014-July 2015). I spent some time with Mattie, Steve and Donna and event checked in and chatted with Mandy electronically. According to Mattie, Mandy and I are creative-soul mates which is awesome because we work together so much not only on Quiltsmart-inspirations and projects, but on personal projects as well. If you don't have a creative buddy to talk through projects, you need one. Though your project list may increase exponentially. But I digress ...

Mattie and the team had quite a few visitors on the Quiltsmart booth, many of them Quiltsmarties! She was busy introducing recently released patterns such as the Quiltsmart Maple Leaf, Quiltsmart Bear Paw, Practical Art Banner Flags and Raw-Edge Letters, as well as their new partnership with Angela Yosten. Having recently learning about the Angela Yosten projects, I was excited to talk to Mattie about it. (Squeal alert - I will be working on a project and posting about it in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!)

Steve as usual was the Belle of the Ball and on a mission to let the world know, men needs bags too! (Holiday gift hint!!)

Another project that was added to my list was the Quiltsmart Christmas Stockings!! Yeah! My list is growing, but I am excited that my other commitments ae winding down. The Fall is my busiest time of the year. 

Stay tuned for more posts about International Quilt Festival, the latest in the Round Robin quilt, Quiltsmart for a Year projects and more.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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