Friday, October 17, 2014

What's Your Story?

I had a package waiting for me when I got home today and inside I found this adorable Origami Owl lanyard from my friend, Korin Hardt. First of all, it could've just been a note that said, "I love you face" and I'd be happy but then the lanyard made it even better. On top of all that I'm on a hexagon kick right now, so the boxes were totally a happy bonus!!

As soon as I got my son an afternoon snack, I rushed to my bedroom to find the charms I'd been collecting for my lanyard. Since I wear a Media Badge a lot at TEAinTEXAS Magazine, I knew I wanted it to reflect the journey that had led me  to this place, which qualifies as my dream job (that or book editor).

So I'd been thinking about it and eventually, got these charms, one or two at a time ...
Army Charm: Starting the day I got married, I spent 7 years working with military and military families. I started out as a journalist and photographer with a base newspaper and eventually became the Family Readiness Support Manager for a Military Police Battalion. TO this day I still have treasured friends I met at both of these positions and those 7 years played a pivotal role in making me the person I am today, both personally and professionally.

Blog Charm: It was while I was at the Army newspaper that a co-worker and fellow troublmaker (TC), talked me into starting a blog about my daily life and the adventures of military life. Though that blog is currently inactive, it did serve as the stepping stone for this one ... which is why you are reading this post.

Flower Charm: During the time I was working for the newspaper and for a few years after I left, I was a freelance photographer both in nature and landscape and for family portraits in natural settings such as parks and gardens. It is a reminder to always look for the beauty in life. Even when the blooms are dormant, the rustling leaves across the ground have thier own charms over us, if you just take the time to watch them.

Purple Ribbon: The purple ribbon serves as a reminder by giving of my time, I can help make a difference even if it is one day, in one person's life. The purple ribbon serves as reminders of Adoption, Anti-Gay Bullying, Domestic Violence, and Pancreatic Cancer - all elements that has touched my life. Everyone has a story and by serving others, we may be the weight that tips the scales giving them a better life.

Teacup Charm: That's easy. That one is the reminder of how something I loved in daily life, led to my work at TEAinTEXAS.

Love Charm: A reminder to always love what you do. I am the one who choses to love or hate what I am doing.

Pink Charm: A reminder to always be myself. From an accidental PrettyPinkPrincess login to being named "Viper Princess", the best person I can be is me. Holding true to myself is the best path I can take.

If you don't have an O2 rep, I'd definitely say contact Korin. She'll definitely help you find your happiness!! 

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