Thursday, January 22, 2015

Exploring Something New: Birthday Lunch

Today is my birthday and as it happens to also be a Thursday, the office is empty except for me today. The publisher is working on the upcoming Spring TEAinTEXAS issue at home because it is storming like crazy here. The other staff are usually in the office on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays, so it's just me today. As luck would have it today, none of my friends work on this side of town eather, so I am spending lunch at The Teacup Collector's Cottage. It is not as sad as it sounds ...

I decided to try something new. Now I am not one of those super confident people who can eat lunch by themselves, but it has gotten easier. I usually work, or blog, depending on where we are wiith the magazine.

I was driving around trying to decided where I wanted to go, since I am usually just a comfort-zone kind of person when it comes to restuarants - but you if you can't be adventureous on your birthday, when can you? I saw a Sam moon store, a place I'd heard about for years from Lil Monkey's god-mother, Mindy, but I'd never been. I pulled in contimplating just going "window-shopping" instead of facing a lunch alone and drove past a place called SushiPop. I'm not going to lie at this point, I love sushi. Like a lot. Like get it made fresh at the local HEB almost every week. I, seriously, love sushi.

I pulled in and like any chicken, Googled it to see the menu so I wouldn't look like a dork when I went in. The menu is amazing. Traditional sushi, specialty sushi, bowls, soups, etc. Contrary to my first (humorous) thought it is not sushi on a stick like cake pops, but there's an idea ...

So I go in and explain at the counter that it was my first time there and she asked what I usually eat. Well, a favorite is the philly roll, a salmon, avocado and cream cheese sushi roll. She suggested I try to Pop This which is the same roll and fried, sort of like an egg roll. Egg roll? I'll try that!

A few minutes later I was brought this little plate of heavenly yumminess! (sorry, its a little blurry, but I was excited to try it!) It was soft, but crunchy. I don't know how to explain it. The sauce was like this spicy creamy goodness. Trust me, it was good!

The restaurant itself was nice too. Very modern, very clean. The staff was extremely nice. 

I even ate it with chop sticks. Look at me just jumping in all traditional like. Sushi is probably the only thing I can eat with chopsticks and not look like a messy Marvin. 

All in all, I overcame my hesitation and trying something new was totally worth it! I may have to see if the publisher knows about this place. It's really close to the office, so she may have been here before, but if not, I think we may need a field trip!!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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