Saturday, October 19, 2013

A-Mazing Fun at the Corn Maze

My husband and I have been trying to do all those memory-making things that you do when your kids are little. Pictures with Santa and the Easter Bunny, museums, the zoo, etc. So this weekend we decided to pack up and drive north to a place that was suppose to have an huge corn maze!
Neither my husband and I have been to a corn maze, so we were excited! There were tons of things to do from slides to rubber duck races. He ran and played so hard. We rose on the "train" pulled by a tractor, climbed mountains of dirt and tires (I know!), played on bales of hay and explored a pumpkin patch. So much fun.
I will admit that when I try to get those "Kodak" type photos, I always end up frustrated. My kiddo hates to stop for even a moment, so I usually fight him until we are both just done with the whole thing.
All in all, it was a good day. We are all tired and a bit cranky, but bedtime is just minutes away. Here are a few photos from our trip.

We ended up bringing home 10 baby pumpkins. So I'm going to see what ways I can find to decorate them or with them. Maybe if my lil guy is in the aqccomidating mood, we'll color some for you guys to see!!


Until our next cup of tea ...

(The photo below was an accident. I took the photo when trying to help my lil guy pick up a pumpkin that was bigger than he is, but it kind of looked cool!)

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