Thursday, October 17, 2013

Crafty on a Budget: I Want My Mummy!

This was a quick and easy project, but the best part was it was cheap!! 

I'd seen these glass candle holders wrapped in gauze and made to look like mummies, but I really wasn't looking forward to paying $3-$5 for the gauze, about the same for glass candle holders, and eyes from the craft section. It could get pricey after a few.

But one day I was at the Dollar Tree looking at Halloween stuff. When I was there I noticed they had some gauze and thought I would finally get to try the Mummy Candle Holders! 

I got a few glass candle holders, a pack of gauze and a bag full of "googly eyes". $4 and 10 minutes was all it took! Now I want to find some clear plastic cups to try it on for my son's classroom! His teacher is always asking me if I want to do some fun stuff for decorations!

** Note: I use electric candles in mine because I have a toddler. The orange and black plasric ones were darker than the white plastic ones.

Until our next cup of tea ...
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