Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Treats that Light Up the Night!

I absolutely loved doing this project! Last year, my Mom showed me these fusible interfacing panels (right) by Quiltsmart for making light shades for wine glasses. Greatest project ever! (With the exception of anything that involves chocolate, of course.)

So basically the concept is easy. You trim your fabric, sew on the lines as directed, flip, and finish! Last year I made some in animal print, Christmas fabric and a Halloween fabric. I wanted to do some for each holiday and them some extras for seasons, but I ran out of the panels. When cleaning out my craft room this past weekend, I found two more.

I was very excited, though I wish the craft fairy had left me more than the two I found in the closet.

This year I decided I wanted to try a black lace fabric. I wasn't sure if it would give off a shadow like a spider web,  but I was willing to try. I found one that had a glitter shine to it and started sewing. To be honest, I wasn't sure it would work, but it turned out even better than I expected!

While it didn't give off a glow that filled the room, it did offer some errie shadows on the nearby walls. I wasn't able to get a good photo of that. As an added bonus, it looked good with the black and silver d├ęcor in the kitchen.

Here are the orange ones before I put them in the livingroom.


Since you have to use electric tea lights (which prevents the wine glass from being ruined and is safer), you can embellish them. I got some spider buttons and am going to get some lace and ribbon and such this weekend to embellish even more. I will have to post photos when they are done!

If you'd like to try some of these wine shades, visit Quiltsmart at Aside from the wine shades, Quiltsmart has a variety of quilts that you can make using their fusible interfacing. I really want to try one now, especially the Primerose pattern.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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