Monday, October 28, 2013

Fabulous Finds at the 2013 International Quilt Market!

Well, yesterday concluded 3 days of the International Quilt Market and I had so much fun! This year I visited a lot of booths and from creativity to products to customer service there were a few that stuck out in my mind.

There were many great booths and products at market but the thing that struck me as great about these products is that they are all projects or products that are either easily transported or are quick and easy or require minimal prep. As a military wife, whose life is always in one stage of transition or another, that is important. From being stuck in a hotel room, to moving to a smaller house, or trying to help my child feel comfortable in a new bedroom, I've faced many challenges of trying to maintain creativity where military mobility is a factor.

Here are a few of my choices for Vendors of Note:

1. Stella Lighting: Stella Lighting had a booth next to us, so I not only hear a lot about their products but also saw the genuine happiness of the staff in talking about their products. Stella Lights are designed to help quilters and creative arts enthusiasts achieve the highest level of potential in each project. Whether you use a floor lamp, table top or prefer one that clamps to your workstation, these flexible, low heat lamps are perfect for working on your project late into the night. I definitely recommend that you check out the line of Stella lights ... They may just be the light at the end of the tunnel!

2. The Quilt Company: Its not secret that I love teacups and teapots. The Quilt Company has some easy and beautiful quilt patterns that combine teapots and cottages ... Adorable in multiples! Birdhouses, barns teapots and more will cause your heart to melt with these quilt patterns. Warm your home this winter with Peppermint Place or welcome Spring early with Lovebird Lane. Each quilt set is a sweet treat!

3. KimberBell: So cute! I passed their booth on the way to mine this morning and just had to stop. There are two "projects" that really jumped out at me at their booth. The first was the "KimberBell Cuties"! These quick and easy projects are so cute and the only thing quicker than making them, is changing them out with the seasons! Speaking of changing things out ... I LOVED the Whimsey Winter Bench Pillow. Not only is it an adorable trio of winter friends, but it is one of many patterns that allow for interchangeable covers for the pillow! My husband will be so happy that I don't collect pillows that only sit out a month or so a year! It'll be so much easier to store pillow covers than actual pillows. I had the chance to talk with Kim and I will definitely set aside time in the future to talk to her more about how small projects like these can help military families make memories and create comfort!

4. Anthology Fabrics: I love Anthology Fabrics. I was first introduced to the Anthology strips a few months ago. Their 2 1/2 Story Strips make it so easy to get started on your projects! There have definitely been times where I've been stuck without a project to do, but getting started on a new one required too much prep. Not only do they have some really great fabrics, I almost feel like I could make a quilt while driving cross country ... with a dog, a few kids, and a carload of household goods in tow! The only problem is that there are so many fabric collections to choose from! Decisions, decisions ... one decision that is easy is you should check them out! 

5. Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio: I. Fell. In. Love! Cherry at Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio had so many adorable patterns. I couldn't pick a favorite, but with Christmas around the corner, I'd suggest going to see her wreath and Christmas tree- it'll put you in the mood to sip hot cocoa by the fire! These are definitely projects I'm adding to my list! (Christmas gift hint!)

I think these projects pass the test and I look forward to blogging about some of these projects in the future.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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