Tuesday, October 8, 2013

May Experience Side Effects Such As ...

UGH! I feel like my head is going to explode! I have been working on the website for  Bear Thread Designs today and most - no all of it- consists of writing and revising HTML code. All I see is numbers, letters and symbols spinning before my eyes. Oh, the headache!

Well, to be honest, I have issues with my eyes and brain working constantly. My brain constantly is trying to decipher patterns and series in everything. So an example, when I see a flower like a rose, my brain is always trying to find a pattern or rhythm in the petals. So there are days when I feel a bit like Charlie on the TV series Numb3rs. My eyes are constantly sending that info to my brain, so there are times I get headaches and dizzy, though the worse is the carsickness on long rides. I have to sleep or I get so sick.

Anyway, that's what I'm doing today. Early on, I realized crafts like cross stitching, embroidery or quilting help because I have to focus on something smaller and my brain has already identified the pattern. Hence, I have to work to relax.

So today will obviously not allow a long or indepth post, but I wanted to use this as a chance to show you some of the flowers that are still in bloom here in the south where the cold weather is slow to appear. I can never get enough of flowers in bloom!

My parent's ranch still has a bit of wildflowers in bloom. These sunflowers actually are the second patch my parents ranch has. The first one has to be cut and trimmed back until they disappeared because it was a patch the large sunflowers that would get 6-8 feet tall and the flowers were the size of a cantaloupe. They used to line driveway to the ranch, making it difficult to see. You couldn't even see the house when you were on the driveway until you were at the front porch!

Luckily, we never hit a ranch dog, but when we'd let the goats on the house area they loved them! I guess they are a sweet treat. Anyway, they are gone now, but my parents keep an eye on this patch as it is in the pasture in front of the house. (They have several pastures that wrap around the house area.)

Until our next cup of tea ... continue to smell the roses- or what ever flowers you find ...
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