Friday, October 18, 2013

An Adventure to Start the Weekend

Today was a L-O-N-G day. Instead of working at the office/warehouse or at a quilt show, I went with my mom to present a lecture at the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston. What a great group of quilters!!

There were tons of laughs and some great quilts were passed around as we demonstrated Quiltsmart's fusible interfacing and the message of "quilt smarter, not harder".

I've helped my mom make many samples over the years, but the Quiltsmart method is so quick and easy, she's never needed me to jump in to complete them.

I've done some Quiltsmart projects but I REALLY want to do a full quilt. The hardest part is deciding which one! 

I love the Zig-Zapps Blossoms & Petals and Gingerbread Dolls ... And might try the Cars & Trucks for my lil guy.

But the quilts ... Hmm ... My list would include the (small) 38" Lonestar, Mary's Flower Garden and the Ohio Rose for sure! Oh, I could be locked in my craft room for days!!

After the lecture, we packed up, had lunch, then headed home to do some more prep work for The International  Quilt Market, about a week away.

On the way to pick up my lil Monkey at school there was a beautiful rainbow, so I thought I'd share! 

Have a great weekend! 

Until our next cup of tea ... 
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