Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Creative Classroom

I love creating things from recycled items and apparently so does my toddler's school. They are always looking for things the kids can use in creative play or the teachers can use in lessons or decorations. I have been bringing leftover things from work for about 8 months now (with the blessing of my bosses of course!). The centers from packaging tape rolls (which the kids use as bracelets), left over packaging paper from when we receive supplies, cardboard dividers and packaging, old beads and bells ... the list goes on and on.
Recently, I dropped off about 10 of these thick tubes that were empty to my son's teacher. Well, on a rainy day, while the kids were stick inside she was looking for something new for them since outside wasn't an option. She found the tubes and gave them to them to color on. Apparently, they kids didn't get one each, they just stay in the creative center and the kids color them over and over, they put them on their arms and pretend they are robots, and make bridges and stuff out of them.

She said the kids really enjoy them. Later on they may use them for tree trunks or something else like a vase for Muffins with Mom, but I love that they are just using things over and over and over again!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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