Monday, October 21, 2013

Making Memories To Last: Vacation Autograph Display

So this past July we went to Walt Disney World with our neighbors. Because we had been there many times while stationed in Florida and this was their first trip, we offered them a variety of tips.

One was autographs. You can get autographs EVERYWHERE at Disney, though we usually limited ourselves to the classic characters until  this trip because our toddler had only started to watch movies like Monsters, Inc and Cars.

Nearly every store you go into you can buy an autograph book, and we would see so many kids with them, but we kept asking ourselves, what do you do with it once you get home. If the kids play with the book, it gets ruined, and if you put in on a shelf, you don't get to see it. We usually made small scrapbook page squares for characters to sign so our toddler could see them when her looked at his book. (That is a post for a different day!)

This time, since we'd gotten nearly all of them for his scrapbook we did things a little differently. We used the center of a mat board cut-out. Usually you can see if a craft store or frame store will let you buy them at a discount rate since they throw them out. Since I used to cut my own mats when I was working as a photographer, I had a stack left over.

It doesn't matter if the edges are cut at an angle, either. I placed painter's tape around edges, I recommend about 1/2 inch, so that characters' signatures wouldn't go to the edge. They are very good about keeping in the center.

Once we returned from our trip, I looked and looked until I found a frame that we could put the autographs in. Once I found one, we hung it in my son's room. Now we look at it and read the names and remember stories and things that we did while we were at Disney World. You can also get a frame that you can add the autographed board as well as a photo.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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