Monday, October 28, 2013

Trial Run ... A Time of Transition

Many of my long time readers know that this blog started as a personal journal of creative arts projects, goals and more. I took a hiatus when my little guy was born and only recently started back, but the reason I returned to blogging was not known. For the past month, I have been working with some people over the years who thought that an informal website that combined the creative venue for creative art enthusiasts and projects, tips and profiles for those who live in a continuous transition of military life.

So I've finally decided that we'd give it a try. Its something that I advocated for when I was young military wife looking for others who were inspired to be creative, who were looking for projects to keep them busy while facing deployments, or those who wanted create memories with their families to last them through long seperations and other hard times.

For now, we will test ideas, themes and gather feedback here at the Teacup Collector's Cottage with the goal of creating a site that goes beyond my personal blog. For years I loved teaching classes through the Army Community Service Center and as a Family Readiness Support Assistant. It is some of my greatest memories through those darks days when my own husband was deployed. From FRG meetings to informal gatherings as a friends, and even making thank you gifts for volunteers, crafts and creative activities was a link to my Army Wife sisters.

So let the journey begin. I will slowly start to pull off the older posts from my pesonal activites, but if there is something you like or want to revisit, please let me know and we can do a tutorial. So from the Kid's Creative Corner to the Grab-n-Go Projects, from budget friendly to time-crunch, its time to find out how we can harness our creativity whether we are in military housing or stuck in a hotel.

Until our next cup of tea ...
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